Alternative Presentation Assignment

The food pyramid was designed to promote the health and nutrition of certain foods that should be consumed daily. The food pyramid is divided into five groups: grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and protein. It was essentially designed to let kids get an understanding of the food groups and how to use the pyramid to maintain a good, healthy balanced lifestyle. The pictures in the food group gives the kids an example so they can make better decisions when choosing which foods to eat. By separating the food into groups, it allows the kids to analyze the foods into the proper group which will help balance their foods as well. The MyPlate replaced the food pyramid on June 2, 2011 because the United States Department of Agriculture wanted to promote healthier eating by incorporating a plate that is relatable to every kids’ plate. MyPlate replaced the food pyramid because the plate reveals a newer and simpler image of a plate divided into plate sections. The food pyramid relates to the problem of child obesity because it is advice on the intake of daily foods which can lead to dieting and exercise. It makes the point that all fatty foods are bad and everything on the pyramid is good(with specific serving sizes). The MyPlate relates to the issue of child obesity because according to Mrs. Obama, “This is a quick, simple reminder for all of us to be more mindful of the foods that we’re eating. We’re all bombarded with so many dietary messages that it’s hard to find time to sort through all this information, but we do have time to take a look at our kids’ plates.” In the New York Times article, it mentions, “The new design, called MyPlate, was conceived as a crucial part of Mrs. Obama’s campaign against obesity, designed to remind consumers about the basics of a healthful diet.” Therefore, there are regulations for the MyPlate that sort of governs the way kids should be eating in order for them to lose weight/have a balanced meal. The thesis of the overall food pyramid/MyPlate is that the kids’ perception of the food pyramid promotes their decision about eating healthy or not.

The food pyramid graphic first appeared in Sweden in 1972 which was to develop the concept of basic, supplemental, cheap foods that can add nutrition into someone’s life. The Swedish food pyramid was created by Anna-Britt Agnaster(chief of a kitchen). The overall purpose of the food pyramid was to establish a eating habit that was cheap and helpful for everyone’s health. The food pyramid, when it first came out,  graphics were designed with so much detail so it could give specific examples of what children should be eating in order to maintain a balanced healthy lifestyle. When it was the nineties and the pyramid was first introduced it was important to make sure that all kids were understanding the meaning of “healthy”. The categorical foods also had serving sizes to better help the kids know how to balance the foods they eat as they consume them. After decades The MyPlate was the new was for kids to understand eating healthy by eliminating specificity and implementing eating healthy in a simplistic way. This helped because it was not comparing serving sizes with healthiness due to many factors of children eating on a completely different scales.

The USDA announced that changing the food pyramid to the plate models a look into healthier eating. The changes were added because the nation’s nutritional experts believe they found the “perfect geometry” for depicting what kids should eat. “Arriving in the midst of an obesity epidemic, this new at-a-glance guide to healthful eating is meant to remind consumers to limit heavy foods and beef up on the greens.” It seems as if the food pyramid was getting old and in need of a new way of eating healthy as the child obesity percentage was rising. The experts came up with something new because change is better. Robb MacKie, head of the American Bakers Association stated, “It;s brilliant in its simplicity.” He is basically saying that the average kid can view the design and get a sense of the healthy visual look to a healthy meal on a plate.

People should care about the food pyramid graphics because the images depict a perfect example for eating healthy. It has labels and images that strengthen a persons meal by incorporating serving sizes and different categories with different types of healthy foods. The graphics show variety which is important when it comes to people eating a balanced meal with different nutritional values and taste. The graphics also sets limits which is important when it comes to eating too much or too little. The perfect limit on the food, the better the person will feel as they intake the perfect balance. The graphics also should be cared about because it is easy to understand. It has a plan for people to work within and also provides the foods necessary for improvement.

Ned’s group evaluation notes

  1. relevant video included
  2. I gained new information about helmets
  3. it would have been great if they paused the video after each question and talked about it
  4. great connection from football players w their helmets to football players and their supplement intake
  5. the discussion on physical therapy was a little bit tedious/verbiage
  6. time frame was not met for each member

The Analysis Presentation Organization Worksheet

Group members: Jahmir Simmons

Study days/times: Whenever I would like since I am working alone on this project. Usually on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Thesis statement: Children obesity has become a worldwide epidemic.

What do I want the audience to take away from my presentation? I want my audience to view obesity in a very serious way and not just as some issue that will soon be over. I want them to understand that obesity has gotten worse and is only getting worse and can get even more worse if they raise their children to eat unhealthy.


General Outline

Thesis: The food pyramid helps maintain a healthy eating habit.

I) The food pyramid represents a well balanced regime for eating.

II) For children, the food pyramid is easier to analyze and understand when it comes to the decision of a healthy food choice.

III) For adults, the food pyramid is look at as another public service announcement that is trying to change the way people diet.

Conclusion: The food pyramid changed the way children view healthy foods as they started to incorporate them into their daily lives.

Food Pyramid Objective Description

The Food Pyramid
  1. The food pyramid consists of six levels of different types of foods to consume.
  2. The background hue on the pyramid’s sections correlate to the food within the section.
  3. The food pyramid is only for adults, teenagers, and children aged five and older.
  4. The food that is not for good health appears to be separated from the pyramid.
  5. The best foods to eat start at the bottom of the pyramid.
  6. The amount of servings a person should consume is located on the right side of the pyramid.

Background Information on Child Obesity

Obesity in children has been around since the 1930’s, in North America, and has significantly affected children’s health from then to now in today’s day and age.  More than 50% of the adult population in America is categorized as obese. Obesity is viewed as a problem that occurs in children’s lives more often than adult lives. With children getting obese in their younger years instead of older years, they keep their bad health habits(high blood pressure, diabetes, gallbladder disease, and etc) throughout their life and develop a smaller chance of getting rid of the diseases. According to MedBroadcast, “Obesity occurs when your body consumes more calories than it burns.” Thinking about more calorie count than calories burned surfaces the question of “how did people just start eating way more than they should?” One answer: McDonald’s. McDonald’s opened on April 15, 1955. McDonald’s is known for being unhealthy and addictive mainly because it is very affordable and just easier/faster to feed children on a regular day basis.

Obesity has been around in other countries such as India. Fat/obese people were looked at as wealthy and overall better than others that were not. Ranjani Mohanty states in his article, “The Rise and Fall of Fat in India“, “For a long time in India, fat has meant good.” The problem essentially starts there. Imagine families of wealth getting bigger and bigger(without knowing all the negative outcomes that follow along) and their genes of obesity getting passed on down the offspring. Maintaining their obese figure to represent fame and wealth is where genetically obesity starts with children.

Obesity mainly affects children and young adults because of the environment they are being exposed to. With all of these franchises competing to promote their food deals(which include unhealthy foods), there is no way of stopping children from consuming what their parents view as very affordable. The parents see their child/children loving the cheap, unhealthy food and that is what influences the parent’s action to keep purchasing the food for them. Obesity will remain in children’s lives for a very long time. I came up with that conclusion on my own because ever since the obesity issue came into existence, it has only been getting worse. The fact that I reside in North America and have the ability to physically see more obese people than well weighted people, makes me believe that the issue will probably persists forever.



Thick/Objective Description

  1. Her relaxed body as she slightly turns her head.
  2. Her unconvincing eyes stare as her back is turned to what she is looking at.
  3. She turns her head over her left shoulder as her eyes gaze.
  4. The way her two-toned hair color settles in her hair as she comfortably takes a glance back.
  5. Her straight face, laziness of her ears falling to her jaw, and straightforward lip appearance.

Etymologies: Terms in Cultural Context

What is the author doing with this page?

  1. The author adds a video for a better understanding before the actual reading.

Therefor, the readers can get a feel of what they are going to be reading about and how it may relate to an issue and etc.

  1. The author also added links that are attached in the reading instead of quotes.

Therefore, the readers can continue reading and go back to the link as a reference or an example.

  1. The author adds important key words that relates to the topic and can be discussed about with the viewers.

Therefore, this creates discussions that can arise with multiple readers about the importance of any terms or phrases, which, helps simplify the main point/idea.

  1. The author adds an image before a new topic.



List of possible issue: 9/18

This is a list of possible issue I would consider researching:

  1. Children Obesity(came to mind because the percentage increases annually)
  2. Poverty in the United States and the approaches we aren’t taking(came to mind because I live in the city and I am exposed to it all the time)
  3. NFL Suspension(came to mind because of Kaepernick)
  4. Ban of Immigration(muslim dominate countries trying to ban refugees and visitors)
  5. Neo-nazis permitted to “protest”