Kaepernick Article One and Two

Article One:

  1. equal rights
  2. civil rights
  3. AA athletes
  4. national anthem
  5. political cartoons
  6. NAACP student athletes

Article Two:

  1. NFL Players
  2. Obstinate
  3. Politics
  4. National anthem
  5. distractions
  6. physical health

There’s more to elaborate on when “team” is being stated. The article states that the teams are punishing Kaepernick, but who is actually contributing to the punishing? Previous coaches claim that Kaepernick is determined and focused on football.

Obesity in Children

Parents feeding their child unhealthy foods in order to calm the child’s behavior. By Joe 13, Flickr, cc.

This image uses spatial modes by separating the parents from their baby. It uses gestural by showing the parents actually hand the food over to the baby, even though, the baby’s extension of his arm looks a bit hesitant. Lastly, the visual mode expresses how the baby is bigger than the parents as an exaggeration that the baby will soon end up several times their weight.