Background Information on Child Obesity

Obesity in children has been around since the 1930’s, in North America, and has significantly affected children’s health from then to now in today’s day and age. ¬†More than 50% of the adult population in America is categorized as obese.¬†Obesity is viewed as a problem that occurs in children’s lives more often than adult lives. With children getting obese in their younger years instead of older years, they keep their bad health habits(high blood pressure, diabetes, gallbladder disease, and etc) throughout their life and develop a smaller chance of getting rid of the diseases. According to MedBroadcast, “Obesity occurs when your body consumes more calories than it burns.” Thinking about more calorie count than calories burned surfaces the question of “how did people just start eating way more than they should?” One answer: McDonald’s. McDonald’s opened on April 15, 1955. McDonald’s is known for being unhealthy and addictive mainly because it is very affordable and just easier/faster to feed children on a regular day basis.

Obesity has been around in other countries such as India. Fat/obese people were looked at as wealthy and overall better than others that were not. Ranjani Mohanty states in his article, “The Rise and Fall of Fat in India“, “For a long time in India, fat has meant good.” The problem essentially starts there. Imagine families of wealth getting bigger and bigger(without knowing all the negative outcomes that follow along) and their genes of obesity getting passed on down the offspring. Maintaining their obese figure to represent fame and wealth is where genetically obesity starts with children.

Obesity mainly affects children and young adults because of the environment they are being exposed to. With all of these franchises competing to promote their food deals(which include unhealthy foods), there is no way of stopping children from consuming what their parents view as very affordable. The parents see their child/children loving the cheap, unhealthy food and that is what influences the parent’s action to keep purchasing the food for them. Obesity will remain in children’s lives for a very long time. I came up with that conclusion on my own because ever since the obesity issue came into existence, it has only been getting worse. The fact that I reside in North America and have the ability to physically see more obese people than well weighted people, makes me believe that the issue will probably persists forever.



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